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The Cosmic Plan:

Creative Living Presents: 

“The Cosmic Plan: Living in Conscious Harmony”

Sunday, October 28, 2018 3pm-6pm

There is an Over Soul and a Universal Plan in the back of the entire visible and invisible Universe. This Over Soul and Plan is an interactive and active Intelligence at work in all of Nature and the Cosmos. We see it in the rotation of the seasons, stars in the heavens, and in the soil. 

Now It’s Time to see this Intelligence at work in your current life and how it’s trying to awaken more of your conscious mind. These infinite Universal laws are guidelines for living an intentional harmonious life. 

My primary focus in this incredible class will be getting you to understand these Principles and how to apply them into your daily lives.

This is another opportunity to grow and change your life forever


Learn How to master your life through Universal Laws


Heal your material world, emotional, mental, and physical bodies


Facilitator: Carmen Williams



Snacks will be provided

Cost $35.00

Time: 3-6 pm